Neuropsychology Services

Psychological and Behavioral Consultation Services (PBCS) offers comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations to identify a child's cognitive strengths and weaknesses, determine how a child learns best and outline appropriate and beneficial intervention strategies. Assessments are selected to address specific referral questions and could evaluate attention, memory, language, problem solving, visual skills, executive functioning and other cognitive functions. Results and recommendations are shared with the child's family and with the school team. Consultation services are also available to facilitate the implementation of recommendations and to consider how to proceed when a comprehensive evaluation may not be warranted.

Benefits: Data-driven assessments guide comprehensive understanding of student learning strengths and challenges and support evidence-based interventions to maximize positive academic outcomes. Evaluations are completed in our office in Columbia or in the child's school district, based on district/family preference. Follow-up consultation is individualized and aligned with implementation of recommendations. On-site technical assistance and professional development for school personnel will build district capacity in supporting students with complex neuropsychological profiles.

For more information about Neuropsychology Services, please contact:

Ravit Stein
EASTCONN Commerce Drive
10 Commerce Drive
Columbia, CT 06237